Archangel Evolution- Bonus Chapter

Do NOT read on unless you have read Archangel Evolution.  The below contains a bonus chapter.

Archangel Evolution- Bonus Chapter

He liked the pain.  With each slice of his arm, he smiled.  His sharp blade split his skin open, spilling droplets of white blood like rain.  With one eye, he watched the jagged wounds heal.  With the other eye he watched Taylor. 
She was with his brother, as usual.  She had finally introduced Gabriel to her father.  He seemed to like him, or was at least trying to like him for his daughter’s sake.  A week later she had brought home all her friends, some dark, some light, some in between.  All rats.
They were in the Kingston residence now—one big happy family.  One of the demons had popped microwave popcorn, the father had ordered pizza, and Taylor had served drinks like a servant girl.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.  All that power wasted.  While not his equal, she was close.  Very close.  Close enough that he needed to keep a careful watch on her. Know where she was at all times.
While they watched some silly movie, the War continued.  Twenty humans had died since the angels and demons signed their silly little pact.  More would fall each day.  Most by his sword, but not all.  His numbers were rising.
“Good luck,” he said to Taylor, before leaping from the neighbor’s roof and into the sky.
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