Monday, 26 January 2015

BURN release day! (Salem's Revenge Book 3)

"The Walking Dead for teens, with ruthless witches instead of bloodthirsty zombies.” --Katie Reed, agent at Andrea Hurst & Associates

The third and final book in the Salem's Revenge series, BURN, is out! If you haven't read Brew yet, you can now read the entire trilogy without having to wait for the sequels :) If you like post-apocalyptic novels with lots of witchy twists, Salem's Revenge is the perfect series for you!

Burn (Salem's Revenge #3)
Genre: Post-apocalyptic Fantasy
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When Rhett Carter finally manages to communicate with his cursed father, he wants nothing more than to discover a way to save him. The only problem: The closer he gets to Martin Carter, the faster he'll die. To help, Laney secretly seeks out Rhett's father, embarking on a dangerous mission. Unbeknownst to her, she's followed by Bil Nez, Hex, and Grogg. Separated from Rhett, their lives sit on a knife's edge.

Meanwhile, with bloodthirsty packs of Shifters prowling around New Washington, the only hope for survival is Rhett's ability to unite the humans and magic-born. A tenuous alliance is formed: the Reaper and his Necros; the Clairvoyants; Floss and her witch hunters; and the humans. But will it be enough to defeat their enemies and restore order to a world in chaos? And will Rhett and Laney ever have the chance for a normal life, a life they both desperately want?

Or will the world BURN?

Thanks so much for all your support and I hope you enjoy the reads!

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  1. Congratulations, David!! I loved this series all the way through :) I'm kinda sad its over now!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH, Jenny!! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, hopefully these characters make a return someday :)


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