Saturday, 17 January 2015

Fire Country is FREE!

To kick off 2015 right, Fire Country is FREE for a limited time only, from January 17-21, as advertised on BookBub!

BUY Fire Country HERE

Positive Praise for Fire Country from Bestselling Authors:

-"Exciting Post-Apocalyptic building is rich, detailed, and believable. Readers who enjoyed Blood Red Road by Moira Young will absolutely love this book!"- Mike Mullin, bestselling author of ASHFALL

-"Fire Country is a fast, fierce read. You will root for the protagonist, Siena, and her story will rake you across the coals. I will be keeping an eye on David Estes. You should too!" -Emmy Laybourne, bestselling author of MONUMENT 14

-“Strong world building and vivid characters make Fire Country stand out from other post-apocalyptic YA novels. Young Siena is spunky and believable, and readers will pull for her to escape the clutches of her father and the dystopian society in which she lives.”- Rysa Walker, bestselling author of TIMEBOUND


And don't forget that you can also GIFT Kindle copies of the books to all your friends, also for FREE. So if you've already read Fire Country, feel free to pass along this limited time offer to your friends and family :)

And even if you don't have a Kindle, you can still download Fire Country for FREE and read it other ways:

-Using a FREE Kindle app for iPad/iPhone
-Using a FREE Kindle app for your PC/laptop
-Using a FREE Kindle app for your newer model Nook

I hope you all get a chance to read Fire Country and enjoy the book! Thanks for your support :)



  1. How exciting! I don't have an ereader, but my co-author does and she just added this to her Kindle. I also shared to a facebook page I manage hoping to help you get the word out. It sounds like a fascinating read. :)


    1. Thank you SO much Jess! I really appreciate your support and the support of your co-author :)


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