Press Coverage
July 2, 2013: THE MOON DWELLERS included on Buzzfeed's '15 Series to Read if you Enjoyed The Hunger Games' alongside bestsellers Divergent, Delirium, and The Mortal Instruments!

November 21, 2013: THE MOON DWELLERS compared to Divergent by the popular Book Gift Guide, saying 'If your teenager loved Divergent pick up THE MOON DWELLERS by David Estes as a gift.'

November 4, 2013: Bestselling author of Ashfall, Mike Mullin, calls FIRE COUNTRY an 'Exciting Post-Apocalyptic Tale' and writes a positive review on Booklikes comparing it to bestselling book Blood Red Road by Moira Young!


Blog Appearances
January 13, 2014- 4 STAR review of THE MOON DWELLERS on Teenage Reader! "...will take its readers by surprise when they think they have the story figured out."
January 4, 2014- 4.2 STAR review of THE MOON DWELLERS on Good, Bad, and Ugly Books! "Overall this is a very good dystopian novel that will keep most readers entertained and wanting more."

December 21, 2013- Listed as a favorite new author of 2013 on Random Smiles!

December 12, 2013- Author Spotlight, interview and giveaway on Gliterary Girl! Win a free ebook of The Moon Dwellers or Fire Country!

December 11, 2013- 4.5 STAR review of THE MOON DWELLERS on RJ Does Books! "The Moon Dwellers is an enigmatic and enthralling read that kept me captivated from the very first page and refused to let go."

December 7, 2013- Both The Moon Dwellers and Fire Country can be won in a giveaway as part of Lola Books One Year Blogoversary!

December 7, 2013- The Dwellers and Country Saga listed as great Christmas gifts for 2013 by Think Books!

December 6, 2013- Amazing surprise for my wife, Adele, and I from a group of my most loyal readers! They named a star after us, called 'David's Adele' How cool is that?

December 2, 2013- Interview about my writing while on my two year trip around the world. Includes a giveaway of 5 of my books!

November 30, 2013- 4 STAR bilingual review of THE MOON DWELLERS from the Ice Queen's Bookshelf! "Major world building" "Wicked ending!"

November 28, 2013- 4 STAR review of THE MOON DWELLERS from The Not-So-Literary Heiresses! "Love it! I have never rooted for a non-relationship couple as much as I rooted for Tristan and Adele."

 November 4, 2013- 4 STAR review of THE MOON DWELLERS on author S.A. Williams' blog! "As dystopian novels go, this book has a lot to offer."

November 3, 2013- B+ review of THE MOON DWELLERS from Written Between Covers! "The unique facet about this book is that there was something here for everyone. The Moon Dwellers had action and intrigue and a touch of romance but was still appropriate for the whole family; not many stories can do that."

October 30, 2013- 4 STAR review of FIRE COUNTRY from Book Gossips! "This book is on fire!...another fantastic story. It was new and refreshing and left you reeling for more."

October 23, 2013- 5 STAR review of THE EARTH DWELLERS from Sporadic Reads! "This book wasn’t just a book, it was a journey."

October 9, 2013- POSITIVE review of THE MOON DWELLLERS from Book of Words! "Think the Hunger Games but grimmer, packed with more action, and a much faster pace."

September 30, 2013- An INCREDIBLE tribute video from some of my most loyal readers! This made me smile and cry at the same time :)

September 14, 2013- 5 STAR review of FIRE COUNTRY by author Jodi Woody! "I loved this book! This is a great story with strong characters."

September 6, 2013- 5 STAR review of FIRE COUNTRY by author Kat Mellon! "...the world-building in this novel is incredible, as is the character development. Siena is both a realistic and lovable character whose perspective on life in Fire Country is positively enticing. I couldn't put this book down. (I stayed up until 5:30 AM to read this. 5:30 AM, people!)" Also includes a guest post I wrote called 'Surviving (and Learning) from Negative Reviews.'

August 31, 2013- I was named September Author of the Month at Juliababyjen's Reading Room! What an honor!

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